The Guild Wars 2 Guardian is a very unique class as it specializes in defensive magic. It loves being hit again and again. Each Guardian Profession is supported by a number of different passive benefits, with lots of protective abilities, this is very useful when partying up with friends or groups and works very well as . The Guardian k also regenerate health and because it is a Soldier Profession, it wears heavy armor for its gear.
Guild Wars 2 power leveling Guardian Guide Abilities
Among all Guardians, they use three very specific virtues. Each with their own benefit. For example, the Virtue of Courage gives the Guardian the ablity t block incoming enemy blows, while Virtue of Justice allows the Guardian t cause as much damage as possible by burning their opponents. And lastly, the Virtue of Resolve provides health regeneration for the Guardian. Overall, the Guardian has lower health than the Warrior Profession, but combined with the Virtue of Resolve, this balances out the two professions.
GW2 power leveling Guardian Unique Skill Types
Using Willpower, the Guardian has these unique skill types below:
Chains three skills that share a single skill slot, which r executed in sequence on a single target. Shouts these instantly buff allies or de-buff enemies when used. Spirit Weapons summon ephemeral weapons t fight alongside the guardian. Spirit weapons knot be attacked by enemies and k be commanded t inflict a powerful attack before disappearing. Symbols these ground-targeted skills inflict damage t enemies or deliver a benefit t allies with buy guild wars 2 gold. Symbols persist for a few seconds and then dissipate. Wards a marked area on the ground that stps enemies from passing through while allowing allies t move freely. GW2 Guardian Traits
The Guardian Profession has five trait lines including Zeal, Radian, Valor, Virtues and Honor.
Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide Equipment
GW2 Guardian Armor
Because the Guardian is an Soldier Profession, it wears Heavy Armor, the strongest armor of all armor types.