BLINDING POWDER: I use Blinding powder as a stun breaker even though it isnt one it acts like one. Giving me stealth to remove immob/condi/fear and blinding anyone near me when im stunned or w/e. It can also be used as a reset when you’ve used up your initiative and need to get back into stealth. And remember this build gives health regen / condi removal / and initiative for stealth. I recommend using blinding powder defensively. Someimtes i swap this for shadow step against cc warrior teams since they can quad stun u and beserker stance will eat throught the blind from blinding powder

SHADOW TRAP: Shadow trap kind of speaks for its self although if you didnt know they did put it on a 2 min cooldown. You can drop it either where you think they might trigger it telling you they are coming to mid or hide it using it later when u please. If you drop it where you think they will trigger it you normally want a tanky team at mid so you they can survive the 4v5 while you get the decap or full cap and come back to mid ruffly 10-20 secs later. If your team is more glassy you want to leave it where they cant find it and wait for the 5v5 to be decided before going back to decap. In some occasions u can also use this to get back into stealth if you really need to but i dont recommend that unless you absolutely need cheap gw2 gold. Also probably the greatest thing about this utility is that it makes you basically unkillable in team fights since you always got that break stun port which not only saves your life but puts you in a great position for a free decap while you regain you health from the distance you’ve traveled

ELITE SKILL: I tend to change my elite skill depending on who im going up against in the match. I will use Dagger storm against teams with backpoint spirit rangers and some mesmers that leave clones out because of the signet of malice passive basically killing the spirits and healing me to full. Daggerstorm is also amazing on foefire for rushing into boss since it will reflect the casters attacks and kill them. As far as thieves guild and basilisk. Basilisk is meant more for teamfights and thieves guild is meant more for certain 1v1s and killing second objective bosses / trebs and stuff like that to make things quicker.