As of the April 2014 patch to Guild Wars 2, the method of obtaining rewards in structured PvP has changed drastically. Instead of getting Glory for taking part in matches (which is then used for purchasing items from NPCs), there is now a “reward track” system in place.

What is the Reward Track System?

The GW2 reward track system is designed to give certain rewards players can chase after. With each match that is played (whether won or lost), there is contribution towards completing the currently chosen reward track. When losing a match, half of a bar is added. When a match is won, a full bar is (with a bar being the difference between two reward items). Essentially every win will result in some reward or another, and every two losses will as well. The end result is knowing when you will get rewards, and still allowing those that are losing matches to get everything there is.

How Does it Work?

When looking at the PvP screen, you will see a chest on the left side. This opens up the Reward Tracks area, where you can view all of the tracks that are available. The reward track at the top of the screen is the one you are currently working towards, and you can swap between that one and another one at any time. You can also see the current progress towards completing each one.

GW2 Dungeon Track Image

Some of the reward tracks have timers on them. For example, in the image above you will see “Time Left: 1 week, 5 days, 4 hours.” This is a reward track that will be closing off, although it will just be temporarily. It is not clear if the new ones are unlocked randomly or how that works, but they will all open up again at some point. Along with this, when they do open up, you will not lose any previous progress. In the above case, for example, if you get to where there is only a day left, you do not need to rush through the rest of the track that day to ensure you are going to get the last prize. You can just play normally and resume it when it does unlock in the future. It is also worth noting that some tracks do not have timers associated with them.

Repeatable Tracks

There are only a couple of reward tracks that are not repeatable. One of these is the Balthazar Back Item. You can see which ones are repeatable as they will have a sign to the left of the number of completed rewards you’ve obtained from them. It is highly suggested that you knock out the ones that can not be repeated first, and then continue on with the repeatable ones (simply because the non-repeatable ones appear to be worth more, hence their nature). As for which ones to pick after that, it is hard to really evaluate them so I just throw up a random track and play normally, accepting the rewards that are given. There are a ton of chests earned through the different tiers, and they all give gw2 gold.

A lot of items can be obtained in this manner. Essentially anything that could have been earned through the use of Glory before the chance can now be obtained through the dungeon track system. There are still chests and give a lot of random items, and these include things that are helpful in PvE (like yellow PvE items that can be broken down or sold). This helps give even more value to taking part in the structured PvP system, even for those that are more interested in the PvE aspect of the game than PvP. The downside to the new system is that players are no longer able to choose rewards; other than being able to choose the reward track, the rest of it is pretty much random. As a result, going after certain items (like bags) is just not possible.

Time to Complete Reward Tracks

Each one of the reward tracks has 40 items that can be obtained (whether that be chests or other rewards). To earn all of these takes either 40 wins (being that a win is a full bar) or 80 losses (since each of these is half of a bar). This makes it very easy to know ahead of time how close you are to finishing off a dungeon track or getting to one of the rewards (if there is a specific end reward or chest you are looking for), and makes working for it that much easier as a result. At the same time, it also grants the benefit of being able to work your way through each of the reward tracks, whether you are winning or losing the matches; you are no longer barred by being put on bad random groups, and instead will make it there one way or another (though it is faster if you are winning more than losing).


The new GW2 reward track system implemented in Guild Wars 2′s sPvP system is a new an exciting way to earn all of the PvP rewards the game has to offer (and a lot of PvE ones as well). It has helped bridge the gap between the winning and losing teams in PvP, but this has come at the cost of no longer being able to choose specific rewards. Instead, everything is random (other than special items here and there that can be found throughout the tracks). With the addition of PvE rewards, though, this has made the sPvP system pretty lucrative to players that are interested in PvE as well as PvP.