Back in 2005 when World of Warcraft was all the rage, I was a freshman in high school thus had no job to pay for Warcraft’s monthly subscriptions. Because of this, I was the only one playing Guild Wars, which seemed to be the next best thing. I had a lot of fun on there, but after a year or so, I was finally allowed to play Warcraft and got sucked into how much more it offered. I played it, my friends played it, it was the game to play.

I pre ordered this game last year for old times sake and strangely enough, I was completely bored with it. I couldn’t quite figure it out, but there was something about the game that didn’t appeal to me as much as I wanted to, and shortly after, I just stopped playing.

After recently picking this game up again to give it a second chance, the game feels so fresh. I joined a guild and after playing with these new friends and guild mates, I realized my major problem with the game wasn’t the game play, it was the anti-social structure. Although quest encourage you to play together, nobody actually talked in the game which really hindered my experience in the long run.

Now that I decided to try it all over again, get a guild, try to make new friends, it’s been a lot more fun this time around. I didn’t even know that the items and pets I got from my old HoM on my Gw 1 account were pretty rare now such as the black widow so it was kinda cool I had some exclusives that followed me over.
Overall, I’m really glad this game finally turned me over. I wanted to like it, but the element of socializing was so sparse it kepts me from truly enjoying the game. Now, I can’t put it down.