First, to contrast what some people are saying, I am delighted that Scarlet still has a role in the story. I loved her character and her story—I’m glad to find out more about who she was before she started going bad.

The new desert environment is wonderful—everything is beautiful. I think I spent the most time just running around, trying to look at everything and take it all in. Also, I’d like to applaud a-net on making the mining caves realistic—they are actually dark, like real caves. It always bothered me that caves in Tyria were never dark—they didn’t FEEL like caves. Additionally, the weather effect of the sandstorm is a great touch.

I am enjoying the further development of the living story characters. Kasmeer and Marjory are great. In the previous season, Kasmeer was the vulnerable one and Marjory the “tough” one. That was fine, but I’m glad to see their roles evolving. Now, Kasmeer is acting as the tough one—being protective over Marjory. They’re both showing their competence and depth—Kasmeer has come a long way from the noblewoman we first met in Southsun. I love the showcase of her Mesmer abilities.

Rox and Braham are great as well. Braham’s grown up a lot—he’s using his head a lot more. Rox is great as always.

Taimi makes me laugh because I share my Scarlet obsession with her. While she was in Scarlet’s house, freaking out about everything, my emotions followed hers almost exactly.

While some have made complaints about the jumping in the game, I didn’t find it bad at all. It gives you a challenge, but it’s not too difficult, and the learning curve is good. Within an hour’s roaming, I became comfortable.

Lastly, I like the fact that the story is emotionally engaging. The plight of the Zephrites, and the reactions of the lead characters, catch both my attention and my sympathies. I always appreciate a game that can tell a good story, and portray a wide range of genuine emotions, alongside the gameplay itself. That kind of thing makes the world much more engaging and believable.