I want to learn about sword dagger thief (pvp), so I try the 2 0 0 6 6 build. I am confused about how to play this build. What are some important rotations and pvp tips for S/D thief?

When I check online guides, it seems there are two styles: one relies on auto chain for damage, for example they would do the stealth auto combo, the other one relies on LS, the play style is more like weaving in and out dodging and do various LS shadowstep combo. I tried both and could not get them to work well, even against the AI in mist. I can kill them, but in such a painful manner. If I try the first method, I will be heavily injured after kill the AI; if I try the second method, it takes a long time to kill them. I remember when I see other more skilled S/D thief fight the AI, they kill them so fast and lose almost no health because they constantly evading in and out. I just don’t get guild wars 2 gold.

Just keep moving, dodging is also a way to constantly reposition yourself, so depending on the situation you might want to get some distance between you and your enemy while sometimes you want to get closer. If you’re going to use flanking strike after a dodge you might as well try to move out a bit out of enemy’s range (if he’s melee) as FS works as a gap closer too. Against melee you have to be ahead of your opponent and maybe abuse your many dodges. In the video I linked above after maybe 10-15mins it explains how to FS→LS→AA→ dodge to be quicky in dishing heavy damage while evading for as long as possible.

But all of these will come with practice, check out some video to get an idea and just try it out. use the sentries to practice your timing, try to get everything perfect even against NPC so you won’t get into bad habits.

Also as jayden was saying is important to maximize damage, i’m running runes of the pack as i don’t have money for strength rune and they do fine. I’d say if you want to go cheap you can get pack/privateer runes. Keep your crit chance definitely over 40 with good fury uptime, depending on what you get you can swap one major trickery trait between assassin’s reward for extra healing with power of inertia.

Also I might take advantage of this discussion to ask people who they find more annoying to fight against? cause i have to say my toughest opponents are usually burst thieves (d/d or mainly d/p for the blind abuse) and good d/d eles that can just heal/disrupt through the damage while keeping costant pressure.