At launch, GW2 was not a difficult game to pick up, learn and play. The only downside that keeps people from getting into the meat of the game is the extremely lackluster UI, and the lack of basic information that ANY other MMO with a skill system has. This is an unacceptable state of affairs.

Players don’t as a rule like game aspects that are gated, regardless of how it is implemented. Especially for a game that was and still is billed as SKILL>TIME, meaning that a player’s skill is more important than time/grind investment, gating content and definitely core game features behind level constraints is, for lack of a better term, stupid.

The game was never especially alt friendly, and now is even worse. What player, having an account filled with 80s and playing since Day 1 is going to want to work through the new system? Have the devs tried playing for several levels with only auto-attack?

The game’s character system should be two things: discoverable and informative. Everything a player needs should be on the Hero UI, and unlockable at level 1.

I cannot fathom who at ANet thinks these changes are good in any sense of the word, and why said people are even listened to? Are you going to go to Minecraft style graphics because they’re cheaper to produce and code? Certainly wouldn’t have to pay as much to the art department for the wonderful visuals any more.

The only reason I’ve even logged in these past few months is because the playstyle of the Elementalist is as close as one comes to an Avatar style of element bending in a video game. Not for the lackluster Living Story, the cheesy writing, or the extremely obvious push to the Gem Store. IS GW2 just a GUI front for a money converting trade house?

I’m going to be cliche and say that if the game doesn’t improve (you know actually being fun) and SOON, I will be leaving. At this point, its about even on fun to grind Paragon levels in Diablo 3, and that should say something to ANet. ANet should feel guilty over all the people who’ve spent gw2 gold in the Gem Store, that keeps the game in development, when what we’ve received wouldn’t merit staying on the first several pages of any other game’s modding forum. I mean seriously what’s next, $9.99 Horse Armor in the Gem Store, with no intent to introduce mounts?