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Since all of Tyria is littered with little crustaceans along its coasts I’ve come up with a bit of exciting content that will surprise any pve explorer with a difficult but rewarding challenge. Whether the player is a level 6 newcomer or a seasoned level 80 this random event will always be challenging and never expected because of its extremely low chance of occurring. The idea is that when slaughtering a crab in any part of the map there will be a small chance of summoning King Droma (Giant crab boss), however the player will have had to defeat a large number of crabs before the chance to summon effect will even be possible. (Maybe start the threshold on 30 or 50 kills) Once the summon is triggered King Droma will burrow himself out of the beach or seafloor close to the players location and automatically be aggro’d towards the player. King Droma can only be fought by the player who summoned him meaning no other player can engage the boss. (Perhaps display text across the screens of nearby players that did not summon reading “King Droma is not after you” when they try to attack) It is important that it is done this way so that the player feels he or she has personally erupted a challenge by angering a vengeful beast from the sea. Droma will always be 3 levels higher than the players current level (If level 80 a level 83 King Droma is summoned) to ensure a difficult fight and to further increase the difficulty the player will have to defeat the mini boss within 10 minutes. Adding the timed aspect not only makes it harder but it ensures the player cannot quickly call guild mates to help revive them multiple times during the fight. If Droma is not defeated within the time frame or the player is defeated Droma will disappear back into the water thus meaning the opportunity for grand loot is lost and this event becomes a mere tale for the player to share with fellow players.

What happens if King Droma is defeated:
The player will receive loot from a loot table custom made for King Droma that consists of a weapon from a set specific to King Droma, gold, valuable crafting materials and most important a high chance at dropping a half digested treasure map with a bronze key. The treasure map and key are quest items that can be inspected in the players inventory. Upon inspection the map will open up and display a marked area located in the Mount Maelstrom region that will resemble a cave just south of Clandest Basecamp. This cave will be somewhat deep with underwater areas teeming with Krait. In one of the far corners of the cave will be a small metal gated room containing a large chest guarded by two veteran Krait. The key dropped by Droma will unlock the gate and allow entry of only the player whom opened it. (Gate should shut immediately behind player, only allowing players with keys to enter) This gated but visible area will introduce a mysterious chest that other adventuring players will see and want to loot extremely bad just out of curiosity. Players with keys can now enter, defeat the Krait and loot the grand chest containing valuables and another small chance at a weapon from King Droma’s set. There should also be another way out of the cave that exits into the bottom of the nearest seafloor giving the player another way out and also giving the idea that the Krait inhabiting thrive in a ocean cave and aren’t just cave dwelling krait.

Example pictures of marked map location and cave location at the very bottom.

Concept art for weapon set:
A rough hand drawn preview of some of the weapons i’ve created. Every weapon created will resemble a part of Droma’s body. The colored versions of these weapons will include dark red, charcoal and tan bone-like colors. Once all the weapons are created I will sketch up King Droma so that i can include all of his weapons as body parts.

Problems with this idea:
Players will have to almost be actively farming crabs for the content to ever be seen at which they currently have no reason to do so. This problem can be solved quite easily though. All we have to do is give players a reason or reasons to farm the crabs. Perhaps by introducing a new recipe that uses gw2 gold us soft crab meat dropped by all crabs in Tyria. In addition possibly adding level 20, 40 and 80 versions of the recipe that use soft crab meat.

Positive additions this content will bring to the table:

  • Making this idea come to life will introduce more end game content as well as content for any leveled player.
  • Introduce more attractive weapon skins for players to collect.
  • Unique and never before seen content that will make for a better solo pve experience.
  • Anet can gererate money from content like this by making the weapons craftable in the mystic forge thus leading to the purchase of gems to pay for the high costs of crafting materials.

End Notes:

  • Destroyer crabs should be excluded from the chance to summon effect.
  • Droma is derived from the species of sleepy sponge crab, Dromia Dormia.
  • Idea: Add achievement after defeating boss that unlocks the title “Killer of Kings”
    Everything above is just an idea I came up with while finding solo pve to be kind of boring and not as rewarding for the time compared to other activities. Since it will most likely be unused or seen by any devs I hope that my fellow players will at least be amused by it. Feedback on this wishful idea or art, constructive or not is greatly appreciated! However if any dev sees and likes any of this FEEL FREE TO