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Sub-class is a progression system chosen at the character creation. It will not add anything new. It will only take from the existing traits and skills. Example, a Necromancer’s Subclass can be:

  • Minion Master- Will take minions traits
  • Warlock- Will take condi traits
  • Ritualist- Will take only well traits.
  • Wraith- Takes only spectral traits
  • Plague doctor- takes only support traits
  • Abomination- Takes only power traits

When leveling up,* the player gets a trait and skill as a reward* depending on the sub-class chosen. Example, Let say that a player chosen Minion Master as a sub-class. Let say that the subclass follows this Build.

  • At level 1, The player learns Blood Fiend. (Other sub classes may get different healing skills at the start.)
  • At level 5, Bone Minions
  • At level 10, Bone fiend.
  • At level 20, Flesh Wurm
  • At level 30, Flesh Golem.
  • At level 36, The player learns Minion Master trait
  • At level 48, the player learns Mark of Evasion.
  • At level 60, the player learns Flesh of the Master.
  • At level 66, Spiteful spirit
  • At level 72, Training of the Master
  • At level 78, Vampiric Master
  • At level 80, Necromatic Corruption.

I believe that this would not overwhelm new players.

Why have this? I believe this is a positive for Veterans and Newbies alike.

For veterans, That empty space in the trait line will not be annoying. There won’t be a need to fill up that empty space in the trait line. Then, it can be treated as an endgame activity. Trait hunting can be considered something to do when level 80.

For newbies, it will teach them about traits better than having nothing. To learn nothing about them and expect to find them in the unknown world at level 36 is more overwhelming than just handing it out.

As for Devs, it will bring out the creativity out of them. They just need to create some builds and add gw2 gold. I do understand that there is work involved. But what addition doesn’t require work?

The players are not happy with the trait system, but I believe that this progression system will. Most of the base needed are already there(Leveling up rewards, trait hunting, etc). Sub-classes progression system can work.