How do people decide on a price? basically they try to price things the highest possible price people are willing to pay.

Lets take ancient logs for example they used to sell for 9s each. with 5 level 80 chars you could gather 180 of them in less then 45 mins and that batch would sell for 16g. now when you’re buying stuff instead of gathering it yourself you’re treading game time doing one activity for another. A regular non farmer player makes maybe 1g per hour (most likely they make much less but lets say 1g per hour) a farmer makes 12g per hour easily.

In order to buy those 180 logs a farmer needs to trade 1hr 20 mins of their time farming for 45 mins gathering.. well I wouldn’t do it but its reasonable enough. it will take twice as long but if they enjoy farming more fair enough.

How about the non farmers? well they’re trading 16hrs of their time to avoid 45mins… hmm now its no longer reasonable for sure, much better to just go gather stuff yourself even if you hate the activity cause its most definitely not worth spending 2 – 4 days of gaming to avoid 45 mins is it.

So what do you think would happen if say Anet nerfed all farms so that farmers now dont make more then 1g per hour. thats 12x less profit then they make now. Do you think people will start selling said item at 12x the price or well 1g each because farming is now nerfed? of course not no one would buy them, what they would be forced to do is sell them 12x less. because now the base line for an hour is no longer 12g per hour its 1g per hour.

Nerfing farms doesnt increase prices it actually reduces them.

Promoting gem to gold exchange will not have much effect either. they dont need to promote it people know its there already. Yet I dont see many people whipping out their credit card each time they need to buy some of their raw material. Some people may do it sure but I doubt its that very many, for one thing if more people were converting gems to gold them people converting gold to gems we’d see the price of gems fall when actually the opposite is true. That alone means people have more cheap gw2 gold then they’re actually spending and are converting a substantial amount of it to gems. Secondly Arenanet’s quarterly reports would probably be a lot higher then they are.

As for RNG, raw material such as iron or wood etc.. have no RNG yet they’re some of the most overpriced items. where as items like corrupted lodestone which are heavy dependent on RNG are actually under priced. Of course there are some exception such as black lion only skins.

Truth is players are much more at the core of this situation then Arenanet is. Its a player driven market after all.