I found this game 2 weeks ago and I noticed Albion Online Power Leveling the start of the closed beta.

Since this 2 weeks I read here and there and I watch youtube videos. Lately I watch the closed beta in Twitch.

My question is, where are the dual-wielding assassins, spear/pike tanks or even melee mages…many more creative builds?
Since I found this game the thing that got me is that I can finally build my crazy melee mage that no other game offers, I was hooked !
But now after watching the game through twitch, I dont see any diversity at all.. All I see is tank+shield, staff users and bow users. Couldn’t see a different weapon since closed beta.
I did saw some dual-wielding assassin in a previous close beta.

So, is the beginning locked to sword+shield, staff, bow? If not, where is the diversity?

PS: The game looks totally awesome and it’s the first game to pick my interest after a very long time of boring games !

Yes that is correct. But why everyone looks the same when you can be a lot more different? Currently on twitch are about 20 channels streaming the game and none of them is different than the one I mentioned (sword+shield, staff, bow). No different weapon is seen.
I’m looking at other players throughout the map to see some cool builds, but everyone looks the same.

Watching guides for me is to capture the very core of the ideas, of course things change but it’s more unlikely the core of the Destiny Board, as a Cheap Albion Online Gold system, to change.At first I thought the Destiny Board were some kind of passive skills or even passive skills for crafting stuff, so I didn’t gave it much notice. Now I see it’s very different than simply passive skills. Perhaps if I explored it more, I would be able to answer my own question.