is glitch abuse allowed?

is glitch abuse strictly allowed? have never Albion Online Power Leveling seen anyone punished by glitching, and currently zeroquality and bigbadwolf are speedglitching which makes them unkillable and impossible to run from.
they also have some glitch i dont know how it works yet so they can zone between areas even while flagged for combat.

since this is common knowledge and theres even recordings of them doing it, and no one is getting punished, just like how no glitcher gotten punished in the past, does this mean its okay to do it?
i dont see the point of risking to die myself because people are cheating, just like i dont see the point of trying to reach the top pvp fame without cheating when everyone else are cheating.

can a dev please confirm its okay to cheat so we can all do it instead of just 10 people doing it and no mod/dev doing anything at all about it?

i guess what im saying is, if the cheaters arent reset on fame or banned i will just do it myself too, because clearly its allowed to cheat in this game as long as you’re glitching and not using external programs, like the devs have shown us in every single beta. maybe i should do a youtube tutorial series on how to cheat so everyone can do it, that way we can have a fair game again.

no one in bbc have ever been glitchabusing, even though every other major guild have had either straight up cheaters or glitchabusers.

its a FACT that the devs have NEVER punished a glitchabuser, the only people who ever gotten banned for cheating have been people using external programs to inject code/read memory etc.
why the fuck should BBC keep crippling ourselves by taking the highroad if the other big guilds (not vendetta this test however, kudos to them) are cheating?

we have it recorded, they’re using glitches in the game to gain an advantage that cant be overcome by non-cheating players. they cannot be caught due to movespeed, you cant run away, and somehow they can zone between areas while combatflagged as well, so even if you zone out they’ll be right after you.

if the devs are going to remain the same and not punish cheaters just because the cheat they’re using is a glitch then i will start a youtube channel showcasing how to cheat using glitches and try to make it as widespread as possible, thats the only way to make the game fair, is it not?

no one been banned in the past for this, it happens every test, im tired of it. either they do something this time or ill abuse every glitch i find and hear of and benefit just as much as the other people do. ban or famereset the cheaters, this is ridiculous.

why should anyone EVER report bugs when there is zero reward for reporting it but endless reward with zero punishment for abusing it? the devs have set the precedent that abusing glitches and not reporting them is the best possible move to do Cheap Albion Online Gold. either they change this policy or ill join up with the glitchers, and im speaking for myself not for my guild. if the devs condone cheating and i want to remain competitive, my only choice is to cheat.