Maybe cause of my angry when being called elitish when trying to help and my bad english have lead to some misunderstanding, sr for that.

If i was a real elitist, i will ask her to use ley line/enochian/fire IV/bliz IV rotation -whick she didnt use at all, maybe sometime ley line, enochian but zero fire/bliz IV- to maxium damage output as blm but no, all i asked her is to use bliz III instead of cast 4 bliz I to get the full stacks of umbral ice quicker, use Fire I after fire III to deal more damage not use only 2 Fire III ( she only use 2 fire III after have full 3 umbral ice buff and then cast bliz I again ), what i have back ? she’s totally ignore me, just said this is her playstyle.

We have a newbie in that dungeon, but that the drg not her, and he didnt die even once, the tank alway give the big detail about boss like seduced, bad breath, bee crossfire …. before boss fight, did he -the drg- get hit by crossfire bee, yes, did he get seduced, yes but after that you can see how he try to fix it and get better.

When i said “i let her die” doesnt mean i dont heal her, i even cast balance, arrow on her to help her “deal more damage” with her terrible rotation, bole to help her surrvive, in boss 2 she die when the boss is about 10% hp so i decide to keep the other 2 alive and help dps to burst down the boss ( rude but sure that my dps is way higher than her ). At final boss she die when boss is about 15% hp, the other dps get seduced and i am at low mana ( about 2-3k mana ) cause of long fight healing, so i may be wrong but at that time i decide to not wasting my mana cast raise for her, then i focus on the other dps and the tank to keep them alive.

I have met a lot of “strange” players too, like a blm dont use enochian, bard/mch dont use minuet/guass, tank that dont use tank stance or cd, smn only cast dot not casting ruin, ice mage … but did i get mad at them ? No, i dont do it because when i or the other teammate said “do you know how to Buy FFXIV Gil …”, they give me a reason for doing that like ” the enochian buff control is too stressful for me” “i dont like the casttime” “i want to dps as a tank” … not like yesterday when what i got was “that is my playstyle” “i do what i want” “this is just a game”

In response to all those sub optimal BLM posts lately, I leveled BLM to 60, did okay until 60, then I had trouble figuring out the rotation at 60 and spent one dungeon doing some pretty sub optimal damage, but I was with a team and apologized for my fresh 60 approach to the job. Then I put BLM on the back burner until I have time to look at the recommended rotation and practice on a dummy. SMN has been far more flexible and intuitive to me, and Enochian seems a lot harsher than having Blood of the Dragon fall off as dragoon.

Basically if you can’t play the class optimally, and you know that, why not try other jobs until you find a good fit? Rather than continue to waste others time by refusing to take constructive criticism or try to get better.