I’ve patiently awaited this game for years to play on NA. And Im not disappointed. I love the PvP/PvE, love the fighting system, like the classes and even find the story somewhat interesting. Is it annoying to have bots around? Sure, but its not a deal breaker. Some people are over-the-top drama queens and behave as if other games dont have this issue. Ive seen games with FAR worse bot situations and there was NOTHING being done about them. I see bots disappear everyday, the problem is that these persistent fuckers keep creating new characters to replace the ones that get removed. I dont think there will ever be an all encompassing solution to fix the bot situation. I think that NCSoft makes enough money to hire a few mods to be actively banning these bots. It takes a couple of minutes to find where these people are. Its not that hard. If a mod were to be hired for every 2 servers (3 for the lower pop. ones), bots could be dealt with swiftly. There are exact locations for bots that you can flag in each area due to it being exp grind spots.

This is a great game that’s been horribly mismanaged by NCsoft west. It’s still filled with problems that should have been solved during the beta. There’s a fair bit of stuff I feel they’ve done with Blade & Soul Gold, but the stuff I mentioned I feel is going to drive people away. I had a friend just a while ago saying “omg bots are completely taking over this game”. Right now, if you’re leveling a character, It’s almost impossible to not have bots ruining your experience. Leveling to 45; bots everywhere. Go into arena to rank up; bots everywhere. Go do some dungeons to get your small dragon certificates; bots, bots, bots. Get a whisper from bots? Block. Oh, but you can still hear the whisper so you have to turn of those sounds. It’s a great game which currently is plagued with problems that I hope gets fixed before it dies an early death.

This game has never has a focus on PvB (Player vs. Bot). The more posts I read about bots taking over the lower tiers of PvP arena, the less I want to do it in the future. I don’t want to gain my rank from bot killing. I would get eaten alive with having little experience with Platinum and Diamond people later on. It really is a shame though. BnS is a beautiful game with a lot of potential. If only the botting issue wasn’t so bad.

Well, I hope that the recent posts on bans indicate that a larger clean-up is on the way. I am very attracted to how BnS marries solo with cooperative experience and the 1vs1 PvP that I had no chance to try out before. I don;t really expect to win much anyway, or make it past bronze, so I guess it might not impact me that much. Fingers crossed the clean-up goes on and will intensify. If worse come to worse, I can go back, or maybe there will be a new game that will be all that. Though I keep hearing the whole genre is dying. I guess I am just too late to the table!

You just need to bear in mind that if they keep up with their farming errands they can and WILL crash the economy of the marketplace, you’ll end up buying diamonds with peanuts. Which may sound like a good thing but that would mean other legitimate sellers will be making zero profit thus making crafting a pointless effort, and discouraging players to go farm and actually play the dungeon or instances themselves.