My only concern is if they make the announcement open. It will warn everyone else. That hey, if this name is not taken go for and it will become a first come first serve race all over again. When its unjustifiable if we already claimed the name from the start and now we are taking the chance once more. But judging from how many other people are in the same boat they might go with the easy route and say whatever we just need to solve this problem. It would really be cool if you can give them a ticket and they attempt to help you out but I don’t know how much of a history they have that is able to record ones actions in game in order to see if the name claimer is being truthful. Hopefully it doesn’t go by a second name reservation race like the first but knowing the luck of the draw that’s what we might end up with no matter how much we inform them. Hopefully I am wrong.

really sucks that you have to wait one entire year to use a name you already had. I hope they change that because it’s an insanely long time just for more Blade & Soul Gold. I mean are they really this much worried about people selling their names?
this isn’t really going to prevent people from doing it either, they’re just hurting those that pay for a name change lol.


If there would have been a warning “1 year lock out after name is changed’ I wouldn’t have done it..

But to say it’ll stop name selling is a joke because people who sell names never would purchase a name change voucher, they’d delete their level 1 and tell whoever is buying when the 6 min started. Like.. >.>
Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea!?

Everyone who has a name affected by the name change should submit a ticket to support requesting that our names be reserved. It’s unfair for us to have to compete to reserve our names again especially considering the public announcement. Support hasn’t been able to confirm or deny whether or not other people will be able to claim our names so send a ticket if you are affected by this.