Well, this is so annoying, there are no chance to beat them (BM, BD, SINS) as FM. They stuns you+airbone+attack , you escape from stun/daze/knockdown but the skill has 30 sec cooldown and they keeps doing stun+airbone+attack combos every 5 seconds and srsly there are nothing you can do, you freeze/paralyze them but they escapes it and… spams stun+airbone+attack again… Is useless using parry piercing to attack them cuz they can spam stun+airbone everytime when focus… You dashes to make distance, is useless, they jumps to you and again stun+airbone+stun combos.

The only thing i can beat are Destroyers, Summoners (sometimes), FMs… But when i face against BM or BD or SIN im going AFK (alt+tab and going to watch some funny videos in youtube) cuz there are nothing you can do xD

They have projectile attack resist, when they resist your attacks you can’t freeze them. U use frost tornado to break their resist Blade And Soul Gold, they get resist again after 5 seconds, and frost tornado cooldown is 30 seconds aproximately, u can’t ever freeze them (the freeze is vital state attack from FMs, but you can not even do that cuz their resists), u try use phantom grip but they escapes easily, u try to stun them with 1 but is useless lasts just 2 seconds and is hard to get success stun.
FMs are mage type class, and i never seen this poor crowd control abilities compared against warriors, logicaly FMs should have more and effective crowd control abilities… but its not, here the BM/BD/SINS has more crowd control than FM xD

As I said before FM is god mode ATM until 50 patch, Ice soul and Fire soul were not meant for 45 content. Every class is missing core skills against FM plus skill points. BM is missing Guardian Shroud for chill removal plus 10% heal and 3 attacks blocked per 45 seconds. KFM is missing 1 second invulnerability on counter and a 8m pull on their 36 second cooldown spin stun. Destroyer is missing .5 chi per hit in spin, immune to freeze while spinning, 20% more movement speed and 5m range on tab or removing charge disables on deflect spin plus 9 second cooldown reduction on Ram on deflect. Assassin is missing Shunpo and 2 second invulnerability on counter. BD is missing refreshed air combo starter on deflect or all status effect removed once per 36 seconds on maelstrom plus 9 second cooldown reduction per resist for their charge skill. FM is only missing .5 second melee counter on impact which adds a cooldown and only makes a 10 meter gap.

I go like a bawse with burning build(impact with extra dmg on frozen enemies) and blazing beams.If bm’s are not carefull how to use ther V(Blade Calls or whatever)you just remove ther block and burn them.Same for sins once ther counter timer is off you can freeze and burn with C + Inferno + LB/RB Blazing beam.

BD however is the most annoying piece of shit.Still win most of my matches vs this little piece of shit but it make me rage everytime I face them.10 type of Blade And Soul Power leveling,plus spin deflect plus invincibility for whatever time and air combo without CD and after the 10th stun they grab you and literally take over half of your hp with this lightining shits they spawn while you can’t do anything because well….they just used ther invincibility shit and you wasted your SS,Flower and Ice tab due of 50000 stuns and your tab is still on CD from the previous grab.