I’m pretty sure i used a gem hammer on my sin when i started him (on the first hongmoon weapon) but my weapon still has only 3 gem slots.. does the “free slot” gets removed when i use gem hammers before the third slot actually opened? like shouldn’t i have 4 gem slots right now?

It’s 4g per hammer on Poharan now, and it takes 5 hammers per slot with a cost of nearly 2g for a Siren weapon At lv20, it’s 1 gem hammer for 4th slot with the cost of 2c. I feel like being mocked D:

Lesson learned: Get your weapon after Blight for free BNS Gold, add US$5 worth of NC Coin or Hongmoon coin, buy Gem Hammer from the store. Or if you have gold, just buy some from AH for your low level toons.

After Awakened Blight, you need 1 hammer to unlock 4th slot. After True Blight, you need 2 for the 4th slot. True Infernal <-> True Profane is 3 hammer for 4th slot.

Also as a note for future weapon upgrading once level 50 is release, ALL gem slot gets reset once you upgrade from profane to the new path of “Devil” because Devil+ has 6 available gem slot. Once we change to that path and you’re lvling a new alt or you still have profane or lower weapon, do not unlock gem slot until you upgrade to Devil weapon as it is a waste of gem hammer.