I am wondering if any kind veteran from korea/cn/tw could share some price predictions with us.

The predictions that have been shared elsewhere have been complete failures so far. For example, people kept saying soulstones were going to plummet in price, but the exact opposite happened. It turns out that xen beans are much harder to farm than expected.

Same with Poharan’s Perfume. The price was at 30s and now it is 22. Moonwater transformation stones seem to keep going up with no end in sight.

Are prices going to keep inflating? I have been holding off on upgrading my weapon from true profane and accessories from awakened infernal because people said prices would eventually go down, but it has already been over a week and everything keeps going up.

Hae Muijin Machismo but could be a little while before increase since people still at Poh stages, either way you will need them and if they go on the JP tree will need later too so it’s a good investment should increase anyway so at worse will break even if buy cheap.

This machismo material could be a nice investment but a long term with Blade And Soul Gold. The demand wont increase until people start upgrading into pirate/true siren accs and I asume it will be used for lvl 50 stuff too. Although it could be better to wait for its price to drop a little more until march 3th patch.

Overall we are gonna face an inflation( or maybe hyperinflation who knows) so I recomend investing in everything secure you can, because right know If you have lots of gold sitting around you are loosing gold just by definition. So this means dont sell your soulstones and every other item you can obtain that will rise in price.