Only those that did not make any effort to get those Final Fantasy XIV Gil



End game is a fickle mistress when it comes to how it affects the community/server. A lot of people like to act as though there is some underlying moral inherent to anyone and anything in existence (specifically anyone/thing related to this game). The fact is, there is none. Believing that some carry group that currently sells runs would go out of their way to frequently get people their clears for free, to the same extent they would if paid, is a naive perspective. Mind you, that also does imply that there are people who would (or do) help random people get their clears… you just won’t see it as often. They’re essentially a business that offers consumers looking for their service an opportunity to get something they want. It’d be like if you had a hobby working on cars, but came across a problem that you can’t fix because you lack the resources (i.e. time, competent party members, etc when it comes to ff14gilhub FFXIV Power leveling), so you decide to pay for help from those who do. Mind you, this works in all forms of business, both legit and shady.

Think of it like real life poverty and the homeless. Nearly everyone knows it’s a problem and that if someone would just donate a dollar to this individual a day, or helped them out with some clothes or a nice meal, it could potentially change their life. Yet hardly anyone does this, despite the fact that you know it’s enough to make someones day. Charitable thinking is just that… a thought. And that’s the farthest it goes to for most everyone. Somehow though, we’re okay with this idea. It’s acceptable for one reason or another.

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If you believe that it is wrong for players to sell clears, and to not be charitable by not offering this for free to every single person, ask yourself why is that wrong? Why is it okay to force unto others your personal belief that they should feel bad for selling a service that has little to no impact on anyone but the parties involved? Why is it okay to expect people to take time out of their lives, to prevent them from doing something they would otherwise want to do, simply because you expect charity, instead of a service or act that they can provide that others can’t?

You are only reading half of the argument. My point was that no matter what you do to make money in this game, it will still take SO MUCH effort, that any person in their sane state of mind will realize one clear or one attempt at one piece of loot will NEVER be worth all the work it took you to make that amount of Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Only those that did not make any effort to get those ffxiv gil (aka, gil buyers), will consider it a fair exchange.

I make 500K a day if I want money bad, and you know how long does it take me? Four to six hours. To gather all the materials, craft all the gear, spiritbond it all, convert it all in materia and then finally put it to sell. And that’s pretty much how long I can stay online on a “relaxed” weekday, so in short, the whole “game day”, which means I have to spend one whole gaming session doing something that I do not enjoy to make that ffxiv gil. It’s a chore, a job. There isn’t a single Duty in the game that I’d ever consider worth giving away even just one of those days’ income. Nevermind millions, result of a week of work.